DOOM RTA (Pre-order)


(Shipping date: May 17th – 25th)

Tank capacity: 4.0ml

3D Liquid Flow System
Quick liquid transmission

Easy to wick, just cut off cotton at the edge of deck

Sloped upward airflow – perfectly match with MESH bending shape
Small chamber, tasty flavor

Fresia RTA


MTL & DL Restrictive


Tank capacity: 2.0ml / 3.5ml with bubble glass

World’s first Tube In Tube AFC system

Freely switch between MTL and DL



DIY your LOLLY coils with ease

Supports 19ga-24ga round wires (best at 24ga)



10pcs MESH / Pack (5 x Hex-MESH; 5 x Quad-MESH)

Hex-MESH: 0.13ohm   A1   16 x 6.8mm   45W – 70W
Quad-MESH: 0.11ohm   A1   16 x 6.8mm   45W – 70W

A1 24ga Wire Spool (30ft)


Recommended wire spool for Fresia RTA and DREAD RDA

For DREAD RDA / LOLLY Tool, highly recommend 24ga A1 wire

For Fresia RTA, recommended ID 2.5mm (Jig 2.5mm)

A1 24ga Wire Spool

30 Feet